And this is why I hate blogging…

If you are here to see the post about “mommy wars”, I’ve trashed it.

I believed in everything that I said, but once again have found that blogging just isn’t worth it. I have this journal to write about my life. I write for me and for those who are interested and care about me.  I did not write it to get into a blog war, be called a “whore” (or some of the even worse names that I’ve been called tonight) or be told that I must not get laid enough which is why I have an opinion that differs from others.

So there you have it.  Like water off a duck’s back. I thank those who shared constructive feedback, whether you agreed with me or not. :) For all others, have a great night.


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12 Responses to And this is why I hate blogging…

  1. April says:

    I just dont even have words Friend, except to say that I’m sorry that happened to you.

  2. Jackie N says:

    Oh I’m so sorry. I can’t believe how mean people can be.

    • Thanks Jackie- I’m actually ok. I think it was so over the top that it somehow hurt less…? Mostly, it was just shock, and a reminder that our words can be powerful tools, used to help or harm as we wish. I choose to try to help, and to focus on the amazing support and friendship I have been showed. :)

  3. Karissa says:

    If they are reading THIS, those who commented harshly, your actions are a disgrace to this Human Race. Some of us over here are working hard for change….compassion, understanding, love. Sure, go say that’s all Zen and shit (Im not talking to anyone in particular,), but seriously? Youve got to be rotting inside and sufferring your OWN inner pain to call someone else a whore. Wow. You have children do you? How do you wish them to turn out in this World?

    I probably shouldnt waste my time on this, its energy I could spend elsewhere. However, Zita you are doing an awesome job in this life.

    Zita, continue to grace this World as the amazing person that you are.

  4. SherryLynn says:

    As a Passion Parties independant business owner and not breaking confideniality…Zita is a freak in the bedroom…that is NOT one of her so called flaws. Thanks for playin.

    Zita….those who have nothing nice to say usually say what they feel about themselves in order to be heard, because they relate to their words. Sad little souls really.


    • SherryLynn says:

      Oh and just as follow up for those not able to follow along…my “freak” comment…true or not…is irrelevant, just as all the sexual slurs and innuendos that were thrown at Zita as a justification for a point being made.
      It was my little nudge back. If you are going to make a point, make a valid one, not the kind you used when you were 15 and wanted to make a little girl cry.

      • Hey, the “whore” part is the only thing they got right about me ;) That is why my hubby married me, after all. Sex is good. But using it to attack other women is sad, and hurts our entire gender.

        SherryLynn, you are one of the most empowered and amazing women I have the privilege of knowing. Your sparkle shines up everyone’s life, and I hope to do as you do and share positivity and love in this world. :)

  5. WHAT?! People actually said that??? I’m so sorry hun!! I’m in complete shock more than one person would be that…well, I actually don’t have a word for it. You are awesome.

  6. Bitch1 says:

    I don’t believe that we called you a whore, but if so, I apologize. You agreed with much of what we said. We write a humor blog, it’s really not one to be taken seriously at most times, only with a grain of salt.
    We are good people, trying our best to make it through each day, just like the rest of the world. “Mommy Wars” and the like are just not our bag. We have a lot to say, most of it truly bitchy, and you may not like or agree with it.
    Tamara is an amazing person and a huge supporter of our blog.
    I don’t take anything I said in the blog post back, and anyone who knows me in real life knows that’s truly how I feel.
    Peace to you.

  7. Darn, I’m sorry I missed your article. I always love hearing your perspective on these things. I’m sorry people couldn’t be mature enough to play respectfully and ruined it for everyone.

    If they are so adamant that they stand behind what they say, why don’t they leave a name and link to their blog? Hmm.

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